1 . Line
Line is the basic and most important in every design begins with the line. There are several types of lines of vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonal lines, curved lines and zigzag lines. In the drawing, the line is the stroke of a pen or pencil but in graphic design, a two-point connection.

2 . What is Form
Form is formed when there is a line crossed themselves or intersect with another line to include a space, and then create the form. The form can be divided into either two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Two forms have width and height dimensions and three dimensions had the depth and width and height. For other types of form is a geometric shape, organic, positive and negative. For geometric shapes, circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. Organic forms are shaped mostly from nature such as leaves, shells, and flowers.

3.  What is space

Space is the negative space around a sculpture or object. Space refers to the space in, around, or the distance between a sculpture or an object with the others object. Category of space is a positive space, negative space, the picture plane, the content and also the focal point. In space, there are several types of perspective is divided into two, namely nonlinear perspective and linear perspective. Perspective is the method of nonlinear shows depth combine techniques such as position, overlapping variations in size and color. Linear Perspective is the method of using lines to show the illusion of depth in an image. Linear perspective is a one-point perspective, two-point and three-point perspective perspective.

4.  What is Texture
Texture is the surface quality of the work of art. Textures can be fixed in a way that looks or tastes. Rough, smooth and shiny is the texture characteristics. As an example of the stone. Stone shows a rough texture and something hard when touched . For fabric or paper surface, the texture is soft and smooth. One category is the real texture and texture implied. Real texture refers to the actual texture of real objects that can happen only in a three-dimensional sculpture or collage. Texture implied refers to art created in the form of two-dimensional texture to look like the original but it is only a piece of smooth paper. For example, is drawing a tree that looks rough, but it’s just a piece of paper smoothly.